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Slow-Cooked BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with Pickled Onion Slaw

This is perhaps my favorite sandwich. Ever. Deliciously tangy slow-cooked pulled pork, with sweet pickled onion slaw on a brioche bun (not made by me!). The pork is so flavorful and tender, you may want to have seconds.

Here's how to make it:


  • 1 TSP canola oil

  • 4 pounds pork shoulder/butt

  • 1 cup BBQ sauce (here's my easy BBQ sauce recipe!)

  • 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

  • 1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth

  • 1/4 cup light brown sugar

  • 1 TBS yellow mustard

  • 1 TBS Worcestershire sauce

  • 1 TBS ancho chili powder (any chili powder will do, and you can add more or less to your liking)

  • 1 large yellow onion, chopped

  • 2 large cloves garlic, crushed

  • 1  1/2 TSP dried thyme

  • pickled onion slaw

  • Brioche, or your favorite hamburger or slider buns


  1. Pour the canola oil into your slow cooker, then add the pork..

  2. Pour in the BBQ sauce, apple cider vinegar, and chicken broth.

  3. Stir in the brown sugar, yellow mustard, Worcestershire sauce, chili powder, onion, garlic, and thyme.

  4. Cover and cook on high for 5-6 hours or low for 8-10 hours, until the pork shreds easily with a fork,.

  5. Remove the pork from the slow cooker and, using two forks, shred the meat.

  6. Return the shredded pork to the slow cooker and stir together with the juices.

  7. Place on a toasted, buttered bun, add the pickled onion slaw and enjoy!

Did you make it? Share pics in the comments!

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