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Kitchen Tools

Products I use and recommend

I'm all about making cooking and baking as easy as possible and sometimes that means buying new kitchen tools every now and then. I always look for products that give me the biggest bang for my buck and I want to share them with you! Below are the products I use and recommend.

Double boiler -Perfectly melts chocolate and candy or temper eggs for baking 

Pastry brushes - For chocolate molds and more

Garlic Mincer -Fast and easy way to mince garlic

Pizza Stone -Holds heat more evenly and the porous surface draws moisture out of the dough, giving it the perfect texture

Cast Iron Skillet - Cooks fish, veggies, bread and more perfectly! And it will last you forever.

Zester -Zest citrus peels and ginger for cooking and baking

Wilton Piping Bag/Tips -For cupcakes, cakes, anything you want to decorate and frost

Cooking Torch - Quickly toast marshmallows, meringues, creme brûlée and more

Silicone Baking Cups -Fun shapes for cupcakes and muffins

Weck Jars -Great for storing food like caramel and sauces/soups. Use for baking too!

Mesh Strainer -Use for straining anything and for making perfect poached eggs

Mandoline Slicer - Makes perfectly even slices for veggies & more. Skip the knife!

Air Fryer- I use this for everything from chicken wings to french fries. Healthier - less oil!

Slow Cooker - Make cost-effective & yummy meals that will make your home smell amazing. 

Knife Set - A good knife set makes all the difference!

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